Debateadda is India’s First “Open To All” Debating & “Express Yourself Platform”.

This is built to provide a “Public speaking opportunity” to anyone and everyone whether he is a Student, Working professional, Politician, No Matter what. Many of us after finishing our academics stop participating in such events because most of such events are aimed at students, this platform is a must-go place for them.

Currently on a virtual platform, once COVID-related restrictions will be lifted we aim to go live soonest and will provide opportunities on both online and offline platforms.

What we do?

Think of a type of “Public Speaking Opportunity” and we will have that. Debates, Open Mike, Extempore, Speech Events, Public Forums, Idea Sharing, Expository, Impromptu Speech/Debate, Poem Recital, Story-Telling and lot more to come along with some “never-seen” Formats for everyone starting from school students to senior citizens. So please be with us to know “what next”.



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